1951 J35 Gibson Beaten, Battered and Beautiful!

A good friend of mine and professional musician here in Kelowna, Tony Koenen, gave me his pride and joy J35 Gibson acoustic guitar to bring back into playing condition. When he brought her in, the D and G strings were laying flat on the finger board. There was much fret wear and it buzzed like a sitar. It was really just unplayable and Tony was anxious to get it fixed.

There is nothing I love more than these old guitars! Something magical happens to wood after 50 plus years of playing and I couldn't wait to get her playing properly so I could hear her voice!

After a few hours of work which included a light fret dressing and polishing as well as re-carving new bone pieces for the modified bridge, I was excited to put strings on her. Once she was re-strung and tuned I was not disappointed. What a cannon! Loud, lots of bottom end ... I have to admit, I really want this guitar!

When Tony came by to pick it up, he couldn't stop smiling! My girl took a quick video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPXeNtK4Q8c

One of the best things about guitar repair work is breathing new life into people's beloved instruments and of course, it's always so great to help out a friend.